Pittenweem Community Library Catalogue

Use the Libib Catalogue to see everything that we have available to borrow with a great search facility to find items by title, author (or director for DVDs), date (added to stock or published/released), category (adult fiction, adult non-fiction, junior and teen fiction, etc.).

See below for help in how to use the catalogue or email us at library@pittclic.org.uk if you need some help.

How to use the catalogue

Once you have the catalogue on screen, it will look something like this:

Libib catalogue screen

1. The Search Bar at the top of the screen – You can search for anything – title, author, theme – by entering your search terms here. Enclose your search terms in double quotation marks to exclude irrelevant results. It will search the entire catalogue.

2. The Box to the immediate right of the Search Bar – Clicking on the Box (not the arrow) allows you to sort the catalogue by Authors, Title, Added, or PublishedAuthors sorts items alphabetically by author surname, whereas Title sorts items alphabetically by their title. Added and Published sort items by date of either addition to our catalogue or publication date. The sorting can be inverted (i.e. shown in reverse order alphabetically for Author and Title, or by date for Added and Published) by clicking the small arrow. When your search results come up the Box disappears; once you have finished your search click on a section in the Libraries list and the Box will reappear.

3. The Libraries column on the left hand side of the screen – If you want to limit your search to a particular category, try using Libraries. Select the relevant section from the Libraries list; a search for a particular author or title can then be done using the Alphabet List below the Search Bar. For example to find all fiction titles by Penelope Lively, click on Adult Fiction in the Libraries column, ensure that ALL is highlighted in the Alphabet List, click on L in the Alphabet List, scroll down until you find Lively and you’ll see the novels that we have in stock by this author. Or if you are looking for a particular DVD then click on DVD in the Libraries column to see all DVDs in stock and search in the same way.

4. The Tag List to the right of the Box – If you want to browse a particular category, click on the Tag List at the top right of your screen. A drop-down menu will appear. You can click on whatever category you are interested in, for example Biography or History, and a list of titles in these categories will appear.

Is the item on the shelf or out on loan?

Once you have found an item you are interested in, look below the image on the left and you will see either 1 available or 0 available. 1 available means the item is on the shelf and you can borrow it; 0 available means it is currently out on loan. If so, you can email the library to ask us to reserve it for you.

Browsing material for children

The Tag List is particularly useful here:

Junior Fiction

To find picture books and baby board books, select the tag share a story. For beginning readers, select I can read. To find books suitable for primary school children, select story dip. For older children, select teen fiction.

Junior Non-Fiction

The Tags here are the same ones used by Fife Council, so you may be familiar with them already and they are fairly self-explanatory:

All about everything

All about me

Animals and plants Cartoons/Graphic Novels Earth and space

How things work

In the past

Jokes, riddles and rhymes People and places

Sport for children

Things to do


You will notice that in the Tag List DVDs are split into different categories according to rating, so for younger children you can select the DVDs tagged DVD – U.