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How to Leave Twitter by Grace Dent

An amusing and sharp-witted account of the highs and lows of Twitter addiction

For a non-Twitter-user, reading this was like being taken on a short foray into another world – I was fascinated, amused, sometimes gobsmacked but very glad to get out unscathed, back to my own small planet on Facebook. I may be misremembering through the mists of time, but I seem to think, once upon a time, that Facebook restricted the number of characters in a post on one’s Wall (ah Wall, where are you now? I miss placing the odd brick in you) to 140 and, if you overstepped, it transferred somehow to a Page which could be linked to, but didn’t appear as a brick. As it were.
Grace Dent doesn’t waste words in this featherlight fandango, but I did have fun reading it and am very glad not to be taking on another social media addiction. One is enough.
A neat little read for your autumn break, or Staycation as we now call it, as you are toasting marshmallows on a bonfire at Ardnamurchan…

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