Thursday 23 November – Books in Wartime: Innocent Victims or Guilty Parties? – Professor Andrew Pettegree

From the invention of printing onwards, war could not be waged without books. National leaders in the Second World War were published authors, like Hitler with Mein Kampf and Winston Churchill. Scientists searched for the latest technical developments in periodicals, and struggled to ensure that their enemies had no access to them. Analysis of open source books and newspapers was more important to intelligence than spies. The Book at War explores all of these themes and more: wartime publishing strategies, censorship, and the continuation of ideological warfare through print in the ostensible peace of the Cold War.

Andrew Pettegree is Professor of History at the University of St Andrews.

Talks to be held at
Coastline Community Church
21 Session Street
Pittenweem KY10 2QL

Doors open 7pm; talks start 7.30pm
Tickets £6 from the library
Tea, coffee & biscuits provided