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Meet Me at the Museum by Anne Youngson

A novel in the form of letters, published in 2018. It was Anne Youngson’s first novel. Written when she was already 73 years old, it became an international bestseller.

For various reasons I am listening to books rather than reading them just now, and this one was an absolute joy. The entire tale is told in a series of letters between two people and is beautifully read by two actors (is that what they are called when reading books?) for Audible.

Tina Hopgood, a wife, mother and key part of her family farm in England, has always had a fascination with the Tollund Man, a naturally mummified body of a man found in a bog, which is displayed at the Silkeborg Museum in Denmark. She writes a letter to the author of a book on the subject of the Tollund Man, sends it to the museum in Denmark, and starts a conversation with Professor Anders Larsen about the man and about many other things. Their letters tell their stories and a relationship is established between them. They write about the things they love (and don’t). They write about everyday happenings and about life-shattering events. They are worlds apart in their view of the world but their communication is thoughtful, respectful and they seem to learn from each other. And as a reader (or listener) I was learning from them. I found out about the Tollund Man (he is real – but I didn’t know that beforehand), and I learned along with them about how to deal with the unexpected things that can be thrown at anyone at any time.
Once I get back to reading books, this one is on my list. I really do want to experience it all again.

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