Pittenweem Library reviews

Box 88 by Charles Cumming

Box 88 is the latest book by Charles Cumming, described by the Financial Times as ‘an ambitious coming-of-age story combined with an enthralling spy thriller’. The library has a copy of Box 88 and four other titles by Charles Cumming.

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Deborah Orr’s memoir Motherwell

I started reading this ‘moving’ memoir and found, rather like a happy restaurant critic, tiny fizz-pops of pleasurable recognition on my metaphorical tongue: a Scottish childhood, sherbet dabs, Colville’s Steelworks, heading out into what passed as country to escape town-ness and so on.

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The Sixteen Trees of the Somme by Lars Mytting

Edvard, the first person narrator, who has grown up on a remote Norwegian farmstead, sets off on a voyage in search of the truth about what happened to his parents, who died in France when he was three. The backdrop to this voyage embraces different places and times, as the beautifully constructed plot weaves its way across the twentieth century.

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