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Using the catalogue to find children’s books

  1. Go to the online Catalogue and use the Search box to find the books we stock by favourite children’s authors.  Put double quotation marks round the author’s name to exclude irrelevant hits.  
  2. If you need ideas, please look at our suggestions for Favourite Children’s Books  – all stocked in Pittenweem Library.  
  3. Use the Tags list (in right-hand column) to browse the different types of books we have for children.  Click on a tag and then scroll through the books which appear.  

The Children’s Book Tags are:

  • All about Everything (includes Horrible Science and Guinness World Records)
  • All about Me   
  • Cartoons
  • DVDs – category U and PG
  • How Things Work
  • I can read  (for early readers)
  • In the Past (includes Horrible Histories)
  • Jokes, Riddles and Rhymes
  • Junior Talking Books
  • Teen Fiction
  • Story Dip  (for more confident readers)
  • Share a Story   (picture books for pre-school children)

AFTER MAKING YOUR CHOICE, there are two ways to obtain your books, email and phone…

EMAIL: library@pittclic.org.uk

Copy the titles of books you want to borrow into an email.  Send your email to the Library address.    Be sure to add your name and the name of each child you want to borrow for.  A Library volunteer will reply and arrange a time to pick them up.

PHONE: 01333 311591.

Leave a message including your name and phone number. A volunteer will call you back to take the details of the books you want to borrow and arrange a time to pick them up.

If you would like us to help you choose books, then please email or phone the library and we can suggest books your child might like.  

We prefer you to collect from the library (outdoors, of course!).  But we can also deliver books to your home, if you need this service.