We’re open and hosting an exhibition!

We are delighted to be open again with all normal services resumed. We also have an exciting new exhibition in collaboration with Fife Contemporary we are hosting The Craft Pods. Do come along and see them – they are well behaved during the day when volunteers and visitors are around, but we think they may prowl around the library once everyone has gone!

The Craft Pods are unique display structures that present a rotating presentation of contemporary art and craft artists each year. They are moved by artist technicians approximately every 2-3 weeks, according to a pre-planned tour schedule. In the year, they’ll visit 10-12 venues across Fife, ranging from high schools, libraries and community organisations.

This year the touring Craft Pods for 2024 features work from jeweller Lucy Pearl Petts, who creates unique designs through the combination of 3D printing and traditional jewellery techniques.

Lucy Pearl Petts works in response to the chaotic experiences faced by people living through the present day, such as the climate apocalypse, unjust governments, and civil unrest. The collection Chaos attempts to bring a sense of joy and hope despite these hurdles, creating wearable pieces in the form of amulets and tokens of luck. They could also be perceived as panic buttons for life.