The novels of Raymond Chandler

Raymond Chandler started writing after being sacked from his position as a top executive in an oil company for drunkenness and failing to turn up for work. His first stories were published in the 1930s in the pulp magazine Black Mask. In his own words, ‘I spent five months over an 18,000 word novelette and sold it for $180. After that I never looked back, although I had a good many uneasy periods looking forward.’ We have five of his novels in the library.

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t Hooge Nest by Roxane van Iperen

The Sisters of Auschwitz appeared first in Dutch as 't Hooge Nest' – The High Nest being the name of the house where two Jewish sisters, at enormous risk to themselves, hid people fleeing from the Nazis during the Occupation.

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Pittenweem Priory (Anthony Lodge)

Emeritus Professor Anthony Lodge, already well-known locally for his interesting talks and guided walks based on the history of Pittenweem Priory, has just published an absorbing and meticulously well-researched and referenced account of the Priory since its founding  through to the present day.

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