Bho Bheul an Eòin/ From the Bird’s Mouth by Ruairidh MacDhonnchaidh / Derek Robertson

Bho Bheul an Eòin/ From the Bird’s Mouth is a beautifully illustrated account of non-native species of plants and animals established in Scotland today as a result of climate change and human intervention.

A description of each animal or plant is given in both Scots Gaelic and English alongside an illustration of the species. All the species, which are already named in English and Latin, have been presented by scholars with a new appropriate Scots Gaelic name. For example, the Buff Footman Moth; Leoman Gille-coise Odhar; Eilema depressa is a very smart-looking moth that has the appearance of the long-tailed coat of a footman. It has been colonising northwards in England and the first one was recorded in Scotland in 2008.

The book has a lovely feel about it, square in format to show off the exquisite illustrations by Derek Robertson. The only slight disappointment is that some of the Gaelic names have not been fully explained in the text; however there is more information on the associated website which will help those who are not familiar with Scots Gaelic. It is a very beautiful book that would be an excellent present for anyone interested in the development of flora and fauna in Scotland and the development of the Scottish Gaelic language or indeed both.

[We have a copy of Bho Bheul an Eòin/ From the Bird’s Mouth in the library]

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